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Q: do the charge function to be connect with home AC110v source?  A: no. charge function is connect with battery and home AC 220v source, not Ac110v.
Q: what is the frequency of your grid tie inverter? A: our inverter's frequency is 50hz/60hz, auto detective.
Q: if I need to add controller between solar panels and inverter? A: no need, as our inverter already set up controller inside machine.  just connect solar panels in our inverter directly.
Q: why customer need use generator, to charge our ac inverter? A: the generator is AC output, this should be connect to our AC power cord, not battery, means generator is like home power AC source, and because generator's AC source quality is bad & dirty, will damage appliances if connect generator & appliances directly for a long time, through our pure sine wave power inverter, inverter will transfer the power to pure power
Q: I have received my item okay. There are to 12v inputs on the back of the unit, do you have to wire them both up or just use one set for one bank of batteries? A: Just use one set is ok, if you want to use big watt, you can use both so as to balance the electric amps.
Q: Hey I wanted to buy you inverter but what does it mean no universal plugs I was looking at the pics and I notice it didn't have regular inputs for a cord. So can it not take regular cords to plug in? Please let me know cause I really wanna buy                                                    A:  Hi, this is the photo of the output side, the sockets are univ...
Q: the inverter has 5 continous beeping sounds when turn on, and the fan is keep running.                                                                                    A: please open the inverter and check the position on the thermistor, if it is short circuit, just separate it; if it is di...
Q: Can I use this inverter to charge my battery on 110v home grid?                      A: No, this battery charger function on split phase version is only for 220v home grid power, can not for 110v.
Q: The battery charger does not seem to work,how do I check it? A: To charge the battery, need to confirm the following situations:  1.right dc voltage, for dc12v inverter the voltage range is 10.5-15V;for dc 24v inverter, the voltage range is 21-30V;for dc 48v inverter, the voltage range is 42-60V. 2.AC INPUT must connect to the home grid, and the home voltage and frequency must be the same as the inverter's, also should be pure sine wave.
Q: What the volt adjustment is for on the battery charger it the small white round switch with #o to 9 so please what dose it do? A:On the volt adjustment, you can adjust this to match your battery voltage, "1" is the lowest battery voltage, and "8" is the highest battery voltage,(0 and 9 do not have charging function), you can begin from 1, then 2, then 3..., until the right number that suit for your battery voltage.
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110V Grid tie power inverter
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230V Grid tie power inverter
12V/110V pure sine wave power inverter
12V/230V pure sine wave power inverter
24V/110V pure sine wave power inverter
24V/230V pure sine wave power inverter
48V/110V pure sine wave power inverter
48V/230V pure sine wave power inverter
12V/110V modified power inverter
12V/230Vmodified power inverter
24v/110v modified power inverter
48v/220v modified power inverter
24v/220v modified power inverter
48v/110v modified power inverter
220V/220V pure sine wave power inverter
12/110 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
24/220v/110v LF-Split Phase PSW INVERTER
12/220 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
24/110 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
12/220v/110v LF-Split Phase PSW INVERTER
24/220 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
48/110 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
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48/220 LF pure power inverter-battery charge
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